Flex Seal Products is a company specializing in adhesive bonding products, encompassing the Flex Seal, Flex Shot, Flex Tape and Flex Glue products in the US.


What?  How have I never reviewed this place?  While I have been working on our fixer upper, I have been here at least once a week.  Great staff and the best service!  Forget the big box and come here for local help.  They have everything you need for any project and you can get an Ace Rewards card for discounts and special pricing. - 5/4/2019

Absolutely love the staff here, lumber department always helps me load up, the girls up front always have a big smile and love pulling your chain! Place just reminds me of the old time, sometimes you gotta dig for what you need but that's why I love the place!

- 4/15/2019

Shopping there for at least 40 years.  Always a good experience.  Knowledgeable and friendly service. Some selection is limited, but you can order from Ace online and pick up there.   Really good deals on Makita and other high quality brands on sale.

- 7/7/2019

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