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Building Materials & Aggregate


Masonry Blocks 

We source our blocks from locally owned and operated Tileco Inc. Call for availability.


We sell aggregates by the bag or tractor bucket load. Call for availability and pricing. Our tractor can load open flatbeds and trucks only. Please bring/purchase materials to secure your load.

No returns on taken aggregates, no partial scoops.

Bag = 1/2 cu. foot

Bucket = 1/2 cu. yard

Coral Sand

Crushed coral rock. Coarser than beach sand.

Man Sand

Man made sand. Grey in color.

#3 Gravel (3A)

Averaging 3/4'' in size

Roof Chip

Smaller sized gravel (pea gravel). Averaging 3/8'' in size

Dry Mix

Mix of gravel and mansand

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